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  1. Q-Tips 6 Inch Wood Stick Cotton Tipped Applicator
    Q-Tips 6 Inch Wood Stick Cotton Tipped Applicator - Review.
    Now, I am able to clean any wound with Kendall Q-tips Cotton Tipped Applicator. I am even able to clean the hard reachable areas. Furthermore, it is hypoallergic product because
    (Review by Paul)
  2. Q-Tips Cotton Tip Applicators
    Q-Tips Applicators Review.
    It’s the best Q-tips applicators I have ever used. I used them to clean my medical equipments. Q-tips applicators are soft, absorbent tips. It is an effective and easy to
    (Review by Daniel )
  3. Q-Tips 6 Inch Wood Stick Cotton Tipped Applicator
    wôrks well.
    It works well to clean the woundc
    (Review by Jodi)
  4. Puritan Cotton Tipped Applicators Medical Swabs
    I tried these out vs another similar product and ended up liking these way more. The ends are more tightly woven so perfect for cleaning or prep work. They were
    (Review by Chris)

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