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  1. Durapore Tape by 3M
    Adheres better to gauze bandages than expected.
    Excellent adherence to gauze bandages. Holds great around the lower legs while having to move around allot. Will purchase again,.
    (Review by Ace)
  2. MEFIX Tape
    the best p.
    the best
    (Review by hedie)
  3. ZONAS Tape
    This is the only venue that I could find the 1/2 inch Zonas tape..
    (Review by Lynne)
  4. MEDIPORE H Soft Cloth Medical Tape by 3M
    Excellent product..
    My incision/wound is healing slowly. I have to change dressings twice a day and have been doing so for two months. I probably have another two months to run. This
    (Review by john a.)

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