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  1. Fisher & Paykel ICON+ CPAP
    Small Footprint.
    The ICON is small and could easily be mistaken for an alarm-clock-radio. The ICON Auto is worth the small extra for the additional features. This humidified CPAP delivers!
    (Review by Crandal)
  2. System One REMstar SE CPAP
    REMstar SE with Heated Tube Humidifier.
    Now I can sleep through the night and wake up feeling great. I cant believe I went so long without getting this CPAP machine so that I can breathe while
    (Review by joey)

CPAP Machines | CPAPs - Sleep Apnea Treatment & More!

CPAP Machines

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CPAP Machines are respiratory devices used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, also known as OSA. Obstructive sleep apnea is the suspension of breathing during sleep, although attempts to breathe are being made. A CPAP Machine does not breathe for you, as it is not a ventilator, and it is not oxygen (although you can use CPAP in conjunction with supplemental oxygen). CPAP works by channeling room air to your airway. The best way to think of CPAP is as an "air splint," which provides support for your airway, dilating it to prevent apneas, throughout the night.

CPAP Machines offer an assortment of options including a fixed pressure, variable pressures, ramp feature (starts off low and builds up to your prescribed therapeutic pressure) and more. Several CPAP Machines, additionally, provide an SD card or cable that allows you and your provider to track your therapy progress and performance over time. This information tracked on your CPAP Machine can be quite important and useful to your providers, as they can make changes to your setup, including altering the pressure, based on therapy.

We offer a variety of high quality CPAP Machines from trusted manufacturers. For more economical CPAP Machines, check out DeVilbiss CPAP Machines. The most popular brand that we carry is Resmed. Peruse our different CPAP Machines today and find the perfect machine to enhance your sleep apnea treatment. To find tips on how to properly acclimate to CPAP, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Tips for Acclimating to a CPAP

  1. It may help to practice breathing with CPAP while you are awake, for example while reading or watching television; slow and deep, methodical breaths are best.
  2. To assist with tolerating pressure, it may prove beneficial to you to use the ramp feature on your CPAP machine. The ramp feature allows you to start at a slow, gentle pressure, and, after a set amount of time, the CPAP machine will build up to the prescribed therapeutic pressure.
  3. If you experience "dry mouth" during CPAP therapy, it may prove helpful to use a CPAP humidifier, especially in drier climates.
  4. If you know that you breathe through your mouth during sleep, to assist with the acclimation to CPAP, it is best to sleep with a full face CPAP mask or a chin strap (if you use a nasal CPAP mask or a nasal pillow CPAP mask). This will not only help in providing you adequate pressures, but it will also help you to adjust to CPAP more easily.