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  1. COFLEX Tape Bandage Wrap by Andover
    Very good product
    (Review by Morgan)
  2. Primer Unna Boot Dressing
    Unna Booy Dressings.
    I love this Unna Boot it works great on my legs for wounds from diabetes. It makes healing faster and easier
    (Review by Gus)
  3. COFLEX Tape Bandage Wrap by Andover
    Excellent Product - Excellent Supplier.
    The product (Co Flex Wrap by Andover) was exactly as shown on the website and the product was delivered by Vitality Medical within a couple of days. Couldn't ask for
    (Review by CJD)
  4. Coban Self Adherent Wrap
    Great for people with adhesive allergies.
    I like this product because, I have an adhesive allergy and there is little out in the market to use without adhesives. I even can't use bandaids. So, I use
    (Review by tapeallergy)

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Bandages protect a wound or injury allowing the body a better environment or wound position to heal. Covidien bandages in particular provide all these type of features as well all else a good bandage should have. Covidien has an established name among professionals who depend on quality bandages, first aid products and padding. Whether it is an adhesive bandage like the Curity Sheer Adhesive Bandage, or a bandage wrap like the Curity Elastic Bandage to secure a wound dressing, Covidien has a quality product to do the job.

Covidien Bandages Patient Applications

  • Use Covidien ACE Bandages for: Wrapping a Joint or Limb, Use to Cover Secondary Dressings, Protect a Wound or Injury.
  • Use Covidien Compression Dressings for: Securing a Limb or a Splint, Providing Compression Around a Injury, Impregnating with Medication to Aid Healing.
  • Use Covidien Unna Boots for: Wrapping an Injury with Medication, Treating Leg Ulcers, Protecting Sensative areas by Hardening.

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