CircAid Leggings

CircAid is a line of compression garments made with special features to address arms and legs affected by venous disease. CircAid has dozens of products ranging from liners to adjustable leggings and arm sleeves. CircAid delivers intensive compression for severe symptoms often related to adema, lyphedema, or blood circulation issues caused by venous diseases.

CircAid brings advantages through their model design features including the ability to individually adjust garment straps to exact mmHg of pressure. These allow one to walk around with high compression garments that may otherwise need to be addressed while sitting down on a lymphedema or DVT pump. CircAid leggings come with their own compression adjustment gauge, complete with instructions. Vitality Medical offers numerous CirAid compression leggings, liners, and sleeves as a valuable resource of the highest quality compression product to our customers.

CircAid is a sub-brand of Medi with products that aid to help people with severe instances of lyphedema, adema, stasis ulcers, and diseases stemming from poor blood circulation. It is a brand that has been around for decades and continually seeks to develop products to treat those with circulatory problems.

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