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CEP is a line of compression garments designed for athletes of all types. CEP uses gradient compression for nearly all of their high grade products -- many of them aimed at creating more efficient leg circulation during and after workouts, training, and competition. Compression wear is not just for treating diseases of the leg. CEP utilizes compression to amp up muscle performance by helping the veins and arteries move blood through the extremities and dampening the muscle vibrations when under high impact, whether it is while running, playing ball sports, or hitting moguls on a downhill course.

CEP athletic compression gear is made event specific. CEP compression sock designs are made specific for runners, triathletes, skiers, snowboarders, golfers, and equestrian riders. CEP also offers arm sleeves and other specialty wear to help protect, streamline, and effectively enhance the athletic experience whether the athlete is training or competing. CEP is worn by a number of renown athletes that include triathlete champions, marathon winners, and Olympians who benefit from the effects of athletic compression and recovery wear.

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CEP RxOrtho Achilles Brace


RxOrtho Achilles Brace, by MediUSA, is a specialized piece of compression garment aimed to help an active person heal f... Learn More
CEP RxOrtho Ankle Brace


RxOrtho Ankle Brace, by MediUSA, is a brace that is meant for active, athletic people who want relief from pain and min... Learn More
CEP RxOrtho Knee Support


RxOrtho Knee Support, by MediUSA, are made for the active person who needs support and compression to help heal a mild ... Learn More
CEP Progressive Run Socks 2.0


Progressive Run Socks 2.0, by MediUSA, is a high tech compression sport sock. Just as the name implies, these socks have built-in features to benefit the running athlete. Learn More
CEP Progressive Night Run Socks 2.0


Progressive Night Run Socks 2.0, by MediUSA, is athletic sock that is part of the CEP line that provides both function and safety for the running athlete. And just as the name implies, these socks have built-in features to benefit an endurance runner. Learn More
CEP Dynamic Plus Short Socks


CEP Dynamic Plus Short Socks, by MediUSA, are designed as part of their CEP sport sock line. Just as the name implies, these socks have built-in features to benefit the running athlete. Learn More
CEP Recovery Pro Knee High


Recovery Pro Knee High Socks, by MediUSA, are for the serious athlete who needs the quickest recovery turn-around time for their feet and lower legs. These socks are designed to stimulate circulation and promote blood flow to the areas and cells that need it. Learn More
CEP Progressive Outdoor Socks


Progressive Outdoor Socks, by MediUSA, are made with the outdoor trekker in mind. These compression socks are knee-length outdoor athletic socks with compression zones patterned for better circulation, better foot placement, and ultimately better performance climbing on variable terrain in the backcountry. Learn More
CEP Progressive Cycle Socks


Progressive Cycle Socks, by MediUSA, are compression garments specifically made with the cycling athlete in mind. These socks have compression zones to stabilize and stimulate the lower legs and ankles to push you further whether while training hard on those switchbacks, or pushing the limit on race day. Learn More
CEP Progressive Ski Thermo Socks


Progressive Thermo Socks, by MediUSA, are made to stimulate circulation and prevent fatigue for skiers and snowboarders. These athletic compression socks are part of the MediUSA line of CEP compression garments that have garnered notoriety among professional athletes for their ability to gain an edge in their event as well as help facilitate a quicker recovery time. Learn More
CEP Progressive Ski Race Socks


Progressive Ski Race Socks, by MediUSA, are compression socks made specifically for the downhill competitor in mind. The sock design is to promote circulation and prevent fatigue to take on the hill more aggressively every heat, at every leg of the race. Learn More
CEP Progressive Teamsports Athletic Socks


Progressive Teamsports Socks, by MediUSA, are compression socks designed for the competitive athlete who involves a good deal of stop-and-go motion, typical of most organized team athletics. These socks have specific compression and are made of materials uniquely woven to give the athlete better stability, circulation, and ultimately improved performance on the field or court. Learn More
CEP Progressive Golf Socks


Progressive Golf Socks, by MediUSA, are form-fitted and have a compression rating that cater to the physical demands of the avid golfer. These stylish socks provide graduated compression throughout the lower leg so blood flow is stimulated and you stay invigorated, strong, and on top of your game for a full-day's worth of golfing. Learn More
CEP Progressive Riding Socks


Progressive Riding Socks, by MediUSA, are specifically geared for the avid rider and equestrian athlete. These socks stimulate the blood flow through the lower legs to keep circulation from becoming stagnant. Learn More
CEP Progressive Calf Sleeves 2.0


Progressive Calf Sleeves are similar to athletic compression socks in their aim, but simply stop at the base of the ankle. Learn More
CEP Progressive Night Calf Sleeves 2.0


Progressive Night Calf Sleeves 2.0, by MediUSA, delivers the exact same compression on the lower leg as the Calf Sleeves 2.0, yet have reflective material to keep you safe alerting motorists while you're running at night. Made for runners, endurance athletes, or any active person who can benefit with better lower leg circulation and an added injury prevention measure during intense activity. Learn More
CEP Progressive Single Calf Sleeve


Progressive Single Calf Sleeve, by MediUSA, are individual compression garments for athletes who want to secure and protect their calf during intensive activity. These compression sleeves target any injury or weakness in one of the lower legs where compression will both stimulate blood flow and overall circulation as well as secure the muscles against harsh vibration. Learn More
CEP Dynamic Quad Sleeves


Dynamic Quad Sleeves, by MediUSA, are made with the athlete in mind. These sleeves are made to provide upper thigh supp... Learn More
CEP Single Quad Sleeve


Dynamic Single Quad Sleeve, by MediUSA, is a compression garment geared to help the running athlete who is either prone... Learn More
CEP Active Arm Coolers


Active Arm Coolers, by MediUSA, are specialized arm sleeves made specifically for the athlete who trains or races outsi... Learn More
CEP Recovery Pro Tights


Recovery Pro Tights, by MediUSA, are to aid an athlete's legs. Recharge and revive your leg muscles with these compress... Learn More
CEP Dynamic Bike Shorts


Dynamic Run Shorts, by MediUSA, are aimed at helping the running athlete excel at their training by providing some supe... Learn More
CEP Dynamic Triathlon Shorts


Dynamic Triathlon Shorts, by MediUSA, are designed for the grueling three-leg, long distance event. These shorts are streamlined, padded, and come with a compression to keep the muscles stimulated and secure to give you an edge transitioning to every event. Learn More
CEP Dynamic Triathlon Skinsuit


Dynamic Triathlon Skinsuit, by MediUSA, is designed with each of the three events in mind to help the athlete counter t... Learn More
CEP RxOrtho Knee Brace


RxOrtho Knee Brace, by MediUSA, is the German engineered brace specifically made for the athlete in mind. This brace ha... Learn More