Blunt Needles | Blunt Cannula, Blunt Tip Needles, Dispensing Needle, Transfer Needle.

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  1. Blunt Fill Needle 18 Gauge x 1-1/2 Inch
    Love the large bore on this blunt needle..
    Having a large needle gauge helps when transferring medications to an IV. Anything that makes my job faster and easier gets my vote!
    (Review by Andy Anderson)
  2. BD Blunt Fill Needle
    BD Blunt Fill Needle make great transfer needles..
    These Becton Dickinson blunt needs make great transfer needles that are a lot safer to use than hypodermic needles. They are easy to identify and easy to use.
    (Review by Nicky)
  3. MONOJECT Blunt Needle Cannula
    Great selection of needle size and length with these blunt tips..
    I like to be able to have choices. These blunt tips from Monoject give me an opportunity to select the right needle for the job to be done.
    (Review by Wendy P.)

Blunt Needles | Blunt Cannula, Blunt Tip Needles, Dispensing Needle, Transfer Needle. & More!

Blunt Needles


Blunt Needles are used to substitute for traditional hypodermic needles. Caregivers use a Blunt Needle for preparing and dispensing medications to patients usually through an IV device rather than injected directly into the patient. Blunt Needles offer caregivers additional safety from accidental needle sticks and less cost. Blunt Needles are often referred to as Blunt Tip Needles, Blunt Cannula or Transfer Needles. Manufacturers of Blunt Cannula make two basic types of these Blunt Tip Needles; namely, Blunt Fill Needles and the Blunt Filter Needles. A Blunt Filter Needle has a small micron filter embedded in the needle hub used to strain particles. Blunt Fill Needles; however, do not have filters. Key manufacturers of Blunt Needles include Becton Dickinson, Covidien-Kendall, and SOL-Millennium.

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Blunt Cannula are Medical Blunt Needles that are not sharp like hypodermic needles. Instead, Blunt Cannula are more similar to a small tube used for insertion into a duct or IV to transfer medications. Sometimes specially designed Blunt Needles are used for insertion into a body cavity or blood vessel. When used for insertion into a patient, Blunt Needles offer virtually no bruising and less pain. When used for insertion into a duct or IV, Blunt Needles serve as a Dispensing Needle or Transfer Needle for medications.