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  1. Betadine Antiseptic Prep Solution
    No Staining.
    I was surprised to see this will not stain the skin.
    (Review by Kris)
  2. CarraKlenz Cleanser
    So glad to have found this online..This product is soothing and healing, I use it for leg ulcers and any other wound cleansing. Can't say enough on how fast this
    (Review by Dolly B)
  3. Duraprep
    A brand I trust.
    I love the fact it is by 3M. They have everything.
    (Review by Jackie)
  4. Remove Adhesive Remover Wipe by Smith & Nephew
    Shipping was ridiculous!.
    Three boxes of this was shipped through Carlisle shipping instead of us mail or even ups. There were large order forms with tons of detail and writing for a less
    (Review by Sandra)

Bertek Pharmaceuticals Wound Care Prep & More!

Wound Care Prep

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Bertek Pharmaceuticals Wound Care Prep

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  1. PRODERM Topical Spray

    PRODERM Topical Spray
    Bertek Pharmaceuticals

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  2. ProDerm Cleanser Spray

    ProDerm Cleanser Spray
    Bertek Pharmaceuticals

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