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If you or your loved one will be off your feet for an extended period of time, Vitality Medical has several options to help get you the right quality home care experience you need. Whether it's a basic hospital bed for temporary use, or a more advanced home care bed for long term use, we are committed to helping you choose the right fit at the right prices, from the best medical equipment manufacturers around. From manual to fully-powered electric, with or without massage, adjustable beds come available in four different sizes and we have a wide range of accessories to enhance your bed stay as well, including bed wedges, overbed tables, foam mattresses, bed rails, and more. Below you will find an overview of what we have available to help you provide a safe and comfortable home care environment. We also know sometimes difficult questions may arise during browsing, which is why our experienced customer service support staff are happy to provide the answers and ensure that you have a great, friendly shopping experience.

Hospital Bed Information: How to Choose a Home Care Bed -- Commonly Asked Questions about Home Care Beds

How to Choose a Hospital Bed

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing which home care bed will meet your specific and individual needs:

  • Adjustability.
  • Comfort.
  • Cost.
  • Ease of use.
  • Therapeutic positioning options.
  • Long or short term use.
  • Manual or electric.

Manufacturers are well aware of these determinants and respectively establish their hospital beds.

Hospital Beds For Temporary Use -
This is the economical choice for patients who may require some bed positioning with a shorter duration bed stay. These spring-frame beds are available in manual, semi-electric and full electric models. When shopping for beds in this category notice that, in many cases, the frames and that mattresses will need to be purchased separately.

Home Care Beds For Long Term Use -
This is a more durable, comfortable option than the Hospital Beds and, since they are specifically constructed for patients who need extensive medical care, they not only make for great home care beds, but are ideal for care facilities as well. We have a wide variety of long term care beds to choose from to meet and even surpass your needs. Many are constructed with solid steel frames and are fully powered and most can adjust to advanced therapy positions, including Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg positions, to accommodate a wide variety of patient needs. You can choose a bed that has adjustable height and adjustable side rails, and you can choose a bed that is either manual or electric as well. All are a great choice in providing convenience to care givers and health care professionals.

Bed Rails -
Bed rails are a great addition to beds for any age group, from children to adults and the elderly, who are prone to restlessness, as a way of preventing patients from accidentally rolling out of bed at night. These rails will compliment most electric beds, both fully and semi-electric, as well as manual hospital beds. We have several great options to choose from, including full-length side rail protectors and shorter bed assist rails.

Mattresses -
We offer a wide selection of medical mattresses for hospital beds to choose from, including air, inner-spring, and foam mattresses. Things to consider when choosing a mattress include duration of time a person will be spending in bed, including how many hours per day, as well as the individual medical needs of the patient.

Bed Accessories -
Choosing the right bed accessories is an important decision since even the most minimal enhancements to a patient's bed rest can make a vast improvement. From wedges to pillows, bed sheets to overbed tables, accessories can enhance comfort, mobility and accessibility, making for an all around better bed rest experience.

Commonly Asked Questions about a Hospital Bed

1. Should I keep the wheels of the hospital care bed locked or unlocked?

  • You should always keep the wheels of your hospital bed locked at all times. Only unlock the wheels if the bed needs to be physically moved from one place to another.

2. Should I keep the side rails up, or is it safe to leave them?
  • Similar to the wheels scenario above, you always want to keep the side rails up except for when you get in and out of bed. It is recommended that you use a night light if you need to get out of bed during the evening or night.

3. How do I use a hospital bed?
  • Always follow the specific manufacturer's instructions for operation, as each bed operates differently.

4. Will Medicare cover my purchase of a home care bed from Vitality Medical?
  • Vitality Medical does not bill Medicare or any other 3rd party insurance companies.

5. What should I do if something malfunctions on my hospital bed?
  • Vitality Medical is here to support you, as we honor all warranties. Please note that each manufacturer and home care bed may offer different warranties. If you find yourself running into problems, please call us at 800-397-5899 and we will assist you with your getting your hospital bed serviced as quickly as possible.

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