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Baza Skin Care Products | Barrier Cream - Moisture Barrier - Baza Protect One Step - Baza Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment - Incontinence - Antifungal Cream


Coloplast Baza Skin Care

Coloplast manufactures an entire line of products targeting the needs of skin care patients. One of these product lines is called Baza. Baza products help wounds heal faster and provide solutions for people with skin conditions. Baza products offer therapeutic solutions for both wound care and skin care to patients and healthcare professionals. Baza Skin Care Products include Baza Antifungal – a moisture barrier Antifungal Cream, a Baza Cleanse and Protect Lotion - a mild Skin Cleanser and breatheable skin barrier, Baza Moisture Barrier Cream - a zinc oxide mositure barrier with skin conditioners. Click on "More About Baza" below for a brief description of each of the Coloplast Baza Skin Care Products carried by

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Featured Baza Products

Baza Moisture Barrier Cream


Baza Skin Crm 2Oz Tube Learn More
Baza Cream Antifungal Moisture Barrier


Baza Cream Antifungal Moisture Barrier, manufactured by Coloplast, treats and relieves pain and discomfort of topical fungal infections associated with ring worm, jock itch, athlete's foot and Incontinence.
Learn More
Baza Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment


Petrolatum-based formulation that acts as a buffer in protecting the skin against the damaging enzymes present in feces. Learn More
Baza Cleanse and Protect One Step Perineal Lotion Spray


A no-rinse cleansing lotion that cleans, moisturizes and protects red, irritated, chaffed skin due to incontinence. This one step lotion combines mild cleansing agents, a brea Learn More