Affiliate Program

Join the Vitality Medical Affiliate Program. Our affiliate program is easy to use and free to join.

Sign up for the Vitality Medical Affiliate Program by completing the attached form. We will review your site and, once approved, you we will send you more information on how to set up tracking.

You can Add links to your favorite products or brand on your website or blog.

You can Earn commissions of 5% when a visitor clicks through your site back to and makes their first purchase. We set a 30 day cookie so if the customer does not purchase right away you will still get the commission if they purchase within 30 days.

We Pay monthly via check or PayPal.

Vitality Medical is an online leader in medical supplies. Our customers receive wholesale prices, absolute customer satisfaction, coupons and so much more! We have over 10,000 products for you to market and more added every month. We love our customers and our affiliates.

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To become an affiliate of, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

Publishers are not permitted to bid on the Vitality Medical trademark name, including any variations or misspellings. Publishers are prohibited from purchasing and/or operating domain names containing the word "Vitality" or any common misspellings. Publishers are prohibited from optimizing websites and pages for the term Vitality Medical in any variation. Publishers found to be in breech of our usage guideline will be permanently excluded from the affiliate program.

Returned products, fraudulent credit cards, current customers and coupons will not be eligible for commission payout.

Any sales generated from a violation of these terms and conditions will not be paid.

Other restrictions may apply.