Acticoat Wound Dressings by Smith & Nephew, including Burn Dressing and Silver Dressing

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Acticoat Burn Dressings by Smith & Nephew | Acticoat 3 Day Silver Dressing - 7 Day Burn Dressing - Acticoat Silver - Acticoat Moisture Control & More!


Acticoat is an advanced antimicrobial dressing by Smith & Nephew. Developed with three separate layers, Acticoat provides exceptional wound care for partial or full-thickness wounds, including burns. The three layers of this Wound Dressings are as follows: 1) layer of apertured non-woven rayon and polyester fabric, 2) a layer of silver coated, high density polyethylene mesh, and 3) a second layer of silver coated, high density polyethylene mesh. Each of these layers are bonded together to help prevent separation. As a Silver Dressing, Acticoat provides antibacterial protection against a wide variety of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria to fight against infection by using Nanocrystalline Silver. This antibacterial activity includes protection from many strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. This silver wound dressing should be changed every three days unless there is heavy exudation which would require more frequent changing. Smith & Nephew has also developed a silver dressing that provides wound protection for up to seven days called Acticoat 7. This dressing provides less disturbance to the wound by extending the time between dressing changes.

For more wound dressings, take a look at our Wound Care selections. Popular Acticoat dressings include Acticoat 3 Day Dressings, Acticoat 7 Day Dressings, Silver Burn Dressings, Flex Dressings and Moisture Control Dressings.

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Featured Acticoat Products

Acticoat 3 Day Burn Dressing


This Smith & Nephew Acticoat 3 Day Burn Dressing uses unique Silcryst Nanocrystals to form a Silver-coated antimicrobial barrier. This advanced silver technology is great for Learn More
Acticoat Silver Absorbent Dressing


Acticoat Silver Absorbent Dressing provides sustained protection from external bacterial contamination. Use the Acticoat dressing as an effective antimicrobial barrier layer o Learn More
Acticoat 7 Day Antimicrobial Dressing


Smith & Nephew's Acticoat 7 Day Antimicrobial Dressing can be used for multiple wound types as an effective barrier dressing while its patented Silcryst Nanocrystals release s Learn More
Acticoat Moisture Control


Using a unique 3 layer design, Smith and Nephew's Acticoat Moisture Control provides high absorbency and will wick away excess exudate. The first layer consists of noncrystall Learn More

Other Top Selling Acticoat Products

Acticoat Flex


ActiCoat Flex 3 and Flex 7 day dressings are a silver coated, antimicrobial dressing that is perfect for burns and other dry wounds. They use Silryst technology to release more silver. Learn More
Acticoat Silver Post-Op Dressing


Acti-Coat post op dressings are wound dressings that have all of the qualities you would expect from a post op dressing along with the added healing benefits of silver. It has a hydro cellular padding. Learn More