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Wound Care | 3M Wound Care - 3M Tape - Wound Care Dressing.

3M Wound care products are designed to help manage wounds in both everyday and emergency situations. All 3M Tape is hypoallergenic, so it will be less irritating to sensitive skin. Wound care dressings by 3M are absorbers, foam protectors, silver dressings and alginate. 3M Medical tape or 3M bandages can be used with non-adhesive wound dressings to secure them onto the wound. 3M Wound Care products also include first aid bandages, gauze bandages and skin prep products.

3M Wound Care Products Patient Applications

  • Use 3M Bandages for: Applying Mild Compression, Securing Primary Dressings, Protecting Sensitive Areas.
  • Use 3M First Aid Products for: Closing Small Cuts and Incisions, Covering and Protecting Wounds.
  • Use 3M Gauze for: Wrapping Wounds, Secondary Dressing, and as an Undercast Material.
  • Use 3M Wound Dressings for: Filling Cavity Wounds, Covering a Wound with High Exudate, and Skin Protection.
  • Use 3M Tape for: Patients with Contact Dermatitis, Securing Absorbent Dressings, Applying Mild Compression, Protecting Non-Draining Wounds.