3m DuoDerm — Polyurethane Foam Dressing, Hydrogel Dressing, Sacral Dressing

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  1. DuoDERM CGF Hydrocolloid Dressing
    Effective Sterile Dressing.
    These kinds of patches are usually used to cover up severe open wounds. My dog has had a large wound over his leg and I used this kind of sterile
    (Review by Amy)
  2. Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Dressing by 3M
    Got the right product delivered in a timely manner.
    (Review by Quin)
  3. Duoderm Signal Dressing
    My wounds are bacteria-free..
    Sometime last year, I crashed my motorcycle and got big wound on my legs and arms. They look like burns which secrete liquid. This dressing helped me recover fast. Kept
    (Review by Cain)
  4. Medihoney Gel Ointment Cream Hydrocolloid Paste
    If anyone has a wound that won't heal, try this product. We are using it to treat 9-year old "road rash" wounds on my husband's legs. Nothing else the doctors
    (Review by Marilyn)

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